Project Cost: 7.239.427 euro

Starting date: 01 November 2011

Duration: 36 months

Research Director: Prof. Michelangelo Pascale

Food safety, National, Research and development

Innovative Instruments to improve the Food Safety System: Prevention, Control, Correction

PON02_00657 – PON02_00186_3417512
PON ‘Research and competitiveness 2007-2013’ directorial decree prot. n.7137Ric. del 29 ott 2010

Project Brief
The S.I.Mi.S.A project addresses the wide area of Food Safety by a structured approach of advanced research activities with the overall objective to improve the main prevention, control and correction systems. The expected results for the innovation of the food safety control system will be achieved through new advanced and rapid analysis methods, for detection and determination of chemical contaminants in wine, cereals and cereals products and fresh vegetables. New methods will be developed to detect pathogenic microorganisms in meat and bivalve molluscs and altering microorganisms in wine and mozzarella cheese. As regards the preventive actions new methods and innovative instruments are expected to be developed to reduce the risk of food contamination caused by undesirable microorganisms and mycotoxins in wine and cereals, and heavy metals in fresh vegetables. At the same time new corrective actions will be developed focusing on the final stage of the production process in order to remove undesirable microbial organisms and mycotoxins in wine and wheat. A metagenomic approach will be used to identify toxigenic and altering microorganisms and enzymes involved in ochtatoxin degradation in the wine chain. Ozone treatments will be used as preventive and corrective actions in the cereal chain.

Partner: CNR-IBBE-, CNR-ISPA, Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro, Università degli Studi di Foggia, Università del Salento, Agriplan s.r.l., Azienda Vinicola Cantele s.r.l., Biotecgen s.r.l., BonassisaLab s.r.l., C.D.P. s.r.l., Centro Latte Stasi s.r.l., Industrie Fracchiolla s.r.l., Lab. Instruments s.r.l., Molini Tandoi S.p.A., Sanguedolce s.r.l.

DARE’s Role: Dare provides support for the research and development activities, materialised in technical-scientific management actions, based on the coordination of partners and project monitoring.