Project cost: 6.272.411 euro

Starting date: 01 November 2011

Duration: 36 months

Research Director: Prof.ssa Carla Severini

National, Packaging, Research and development

Innovative packaging solutions to extend the shelf-life of food products

PON02_00657 – PON02_00186_3417392

PON  ‘Research and competitiveness 2007-2013’  directorial decree prot. n.7137Ric. del 29 ott 2010

Project brief

The project aims to carry out complex research and industrial activities and pre-competitive development in order to implement innovative industrial processes to ensure significant improvements for shelf- life of food products. The general purpose is to define product deterioration times and identify suitable strategies of preservation and estimate the range of time, from the product production, during which the consumer accepts or denies its consumptions. The products are: fresh pasta, cakes made of almonds dough, minimally processed fresh vegetables, semi-dry flavoured vegetables , ready-to-eat oysters, dairy products, infusions and spices.

The idea is to control each product in the production process, pre-packaging and packaging phase by combining in a suitable way the following strategies: active natural compounds with antimicrobial and/or antioxidant properties, microbial cells producing bacteriocins, nanomaterials that release metallic ions, edible coating, biodegradable systems with repellent and/or fumigant properties, innovative humidity regulators, headspace gas composition.

Taking into consideration the numerous number of variables involved in the identification and optimization of technological solutions, a “Step-by- Step” sequential approach is proposed; this means that each supply chain will be divided in different sub-processes. Each of them will be individually and sequentially optimized.

Partner: Università degli Studi di Foggia, Università degli Studi di Bari, CNR- IMBC, Farmalabor, Farris, Le Deliziose Pasticceria s.a.s di Povia Mirella &c., Dr. Franco Pignataro, Tortuga srl

DARE’s Role: Dare provides support for the research and development activities, materialised in technical-scientific management actions, based on the coordination of partners and project monitoring.