Project Cost: 7.424.281 euro

Starting date: 01 November 2011

Duration: 36 months

Research Director: Prof. Francesco Faretra

Eco-sustainable solutions, National, Research and development


“Promotion of ECO-sustainable processes for the development of Apulian agri-food productions” PON02_00657 – PON02_00186_2866121

PON ‘Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013’ directorial decree prot. n.7137Ric. del 29 ott 2010


Project brief

The project aims at responding to the industry’s needs improving the environmental and economical sustainability of production processes through the development of innovative technological solutions compatible with the productive and industrial framework in the territory. In particular, the project aims at getting the following results:

– Reduction of direct (caused by pests and fungal diseases) and indirect (chemical and biological contamination) yield losses of agri-food, the cost of plant protection and the risk of acquired resistance of pathogenic fungi to fungicides.

– Reduction of the amount of applied PPPs, environmental pollution, and the cost of plant protection.

– Reduction in the consume of environmental input in the field crops also developing new food products.

– Prolonging post-harvest shelf-life for horticultural products.

– Detoxification of wastewaters from olive-oil industry and reduction of polyphenols contents from wastewaters from the industrial processing of table olives.

– Reduction of the environmental impact for the intensive fish growing.

– Exploitation of by-products and waste from wine industry.

– Ricycling vegetable waste material by the implementation of composting plants.

– A new agro-forestry product to be used as an innovative soil improver and organic fertilizer for agricultural soils.

– Exploitation of solid waste from wine-making processes and of sewage sludge and waste from the cannery industry.

Partner: Università degli Studi di Foggia, Università degli Studi di Bari, Università del Salento, Politecnico di Bari, CNR, CRA, CRSA, Tecno S.E.A. srl, Maribrin srl, Cannone, Oliva Coop Bella di Cerignola, Bonomelli srl, Agriplan srl, STC srl, Agricola Nuova Generazione srl, Cantine due palme srl, Casalicchio srl, Frudis srl, Giuliano srl, Maggio srl, San Michele spa, Sistemi energetici spa, Torrevento srl.

DARE’s Role: Dare provides support for the research and development activities, materialised in technical-scientific management actions, based on the coordination of partners and project monitoring.