NETWORKS OF EXCELLENCED.A.Re. collaborates with organizations and institutions of excellence that complete and reinforce its national and international development strategy.

Networks of Excellence and High Technology Centres

D.A.Re. scrl signed strategic agreement protocols with Networks of Excellence and High Technology Centres active in other regions of the country, in order to enhance the structural relations of cooperation and establish a set of joint activities: the submission of project proposals, the know-how exchange and investment opportunities.

Agreement Protocol with Vertis SGRpa

D.A.Re. scrl has signed an Agreement Protocol with Vertis SGRpa – specialised in taking stakes in small and medium-sized businesses located in the Southern regions of Italy- in order to create the conditions so that the high potential technological innovations for business development can be structured in enterprises with solid capitalization.

Italian Technological Platform “Food for Life”

D.A.Re. scrl is a member of the Working Group “Communication, Training, Technology Transfer” of the Italian Technology Platform “Food for Life”. In this context, it helps to renew the approach of the European Technology Platform “Food for Life”, adapting it to the Italian specific. The aim of the working group is to keep alive and strengthen the relationship with universities and industry in order to ensure a strategic, authoritative and shared vision.

Luigi Bocconi University

D.A.Re. scrl has entered into an agreement for the creation of courses and training sessions for University students.

“Bre Archimede” Association

In order to increase D.A.Re’s. scrl ability to intercept new opportunities in territorial systems not related to Community and national and regional context, a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association ‘Bre Archimede’ has been signed, it is an active body in South America through vocational training projects and technological innovation.

Autonomous Board Fiera of Foggia.

This is one of the oldest and long-lived Fairs in Italy, traditionally specialised in the promotion and services in favor of agri-food and livestock. D.A.Re. SCRL has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding aimed to be, at the Fair Authority, a permanent exhibition area for technology and innovation in agriculture.